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Public-Private Partnerships

Cyberspace threats have become a paramount concern and are presently destabilizing the global order. Government alone cannot solve this threat. The authors propose a public private partnership model that strikes a balance between the competing interests of government and private industry to ensure a successful partnership with effective results.

During the Cold War, there was the threat of nuclear attack. In the Internet Age, there is the threat of cyberattack.

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Cyber Risk Management

This writing draws a parallel between failures in Superstorm Sandy preparation and today's cybersecurity landscape -- and the many failures in establishing a more trustworthy Internet environment. My premise is that cybersecurity -- while a virtual domain -- presents a more tangible and compelling case for widespread corporate prevention and preparedness because the cyber-risk environment has known risks.

Cybersecurity for Attorneys

This MP4 video clip promotes the subscription training product by Doug DePeppe and JDCLE.

The cybersecurity challenge today has moved past merely presenting a grave national security threat to the precipice of disaster.  The Nation is presently in a modern equivalent of the Cold War...

Cybersecurity Strategy

Is a Reverse Soviet Collapse in the Offing for the West?


A response to The New Yorker article by Seymour Hersch “The Online Threat:  Should We be Worried About a Cyber War?

Open Letter to Congress

A social network collaboration I led among cybersecurity experts and professionals seeking to inform Congress about the community needs for cybersecurity readiness and resilience, and proposing a new approach for national cybersecurity strategy.


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