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Doug is one of the leading global policy experts in cybersecurity. He has a tremendous vision for establishing and planning networks that will provide critical intelligence to defend against cyberattacks. Doug combines an exceptionally bright mind with a friendly personality and can-do attitude. Doug's work with the CIAT and WCX are making a great contribution to cybersecurity preparedness and demonstrate his tremendous value and visionary thinking. I count on Doug as one of my most trusted and important cybersecurity colleagues. I give him my highest and strongest recommendation.

Adam Palmer

​Doug is passionate about security and in particular solving the threat intelligence sharing challenges facing this nation. He is driven first by love-of-country! This puts him in a select class of individuals who will do the right thing for the country above self interests! Doug is a strong advocate of regional threat sharing initiatives and works diligently to enrich the regional initiative he leads.

Jacques Francoeur

Doug is an outstanding attorney with unparalled expertise in Cyber Law, Cyber security, policy and compliance. Through his impressive background and extensive experience as a U.S. Army Judge Advocate, Director of the Army Network Operations Security Center and member of the Lawyers Working Group on the White House 60-day Cyber Review, he is highly respected by both government and private sector Cyber experts. In addition his work in the private sector with Booz Allen gives Doug a unique perspective and appreciation of the importance of the fine balance between strong security and the ability to conduct business. I strongly recommend Doug to any organization looking to address Cyber security and risk mitigation.


Rich LaMagna







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